Monday, 8 October 2012

Addiction Arabian Nights Kohl Eyeliner

This autumn, Addiction's "Desert Rose" collection introduced four new permanent powder kohl eyeliners to the range. Each kohl comes as a split-pan duo and shares the dimensions of the other single eyeshadows; they also depot just as easily and fit perfectly into the Addiction custom compacts.

I chose Arabian Nights, which pairs rich burgundy with copper-sparkled black.
Addiction Arabian Nights Kohl Eyeliner

I did experience some learning curve wobbles with this formula, which is so densely, creamily pigmented that the minutest speck of fallout would suddenly mainfest as a huge black or burgundy schmear across my cheek just as I was about to head out the door.... Having rotated through all my liner brushes, I find this kohl to play best with a dense small brush, neither too pointy (e.g. Hakuhodo 007) nor too thin (e.g. MAC 266, Shu 6OB): the most convenient for me were the Chikuhodo 6-1, Hakuhodo 5515 and my two most versatile brushes Shu Natural 10 and Suqqu Eyeshadow S. The other big thing that minimised fallout on the skin (and unsightly gouges in the pan): light pressing motions, both to pick up colour from the pan (seriously, you barely need to hover over these to pick up a lot of pigment) and to apply it to the eye.
These look and behave much more like cream liners than powders, so are more readily smudged than blended out. Like the best creams and gels, they last all day without fading or creasing on me (dry lids) and also hold up excellently on the waterline.

Addiction Arabian Nights Kohl Eyeliner swatch
natural light
Addiction Arabian Nights Kohl Eyeliner swatch
with flash
The burgundy is a sumptuous glowing satin, which looks more reddish in brighter light (picking up its ultrafine copper pearl) and more plummy in shade (even in the pan, there's a subtle interleaving of grey-purple tones with the richer wine ones).
The black is a little disappointing, as the copper sparkles (while individually larger than the micro-pearlescence running through the burgundy) are so sparse that a fine line pretty much just reads as black on me. It's admitted a good black with unusual density and a hint of sooty warmth. But me. want. glitter. D:

Like Fyrinnae Pumpkinfire. Now that's a black with copper sparkle, dammit! Other shades all Fyrinnae: Dorian Grey (which is about as sparsely shimmery as Arabian Nights, but with cooler-toned sparkle in a cooler base) and Monarch Butterfly, a much more texturally flat (iridescent duochrome) take on the black/copper thing.
Addiction Arabian Nights Kohl Eyeliner swatch Fyrinnae Dorian Grey Pumpkinfire Monarch Butterfly
with flash
The Arabian Nights burgundy is pretty distinct from most of the other vaguely related shades in my stash, except for the limited-edition Kate Super Sharp Liner S in RD-1 (which was a pitch-perfect gift from the lovely Liz of SoLonelyInGorgeous: thank you, dearest! <3 I had given up hope of getting my hands on this one.) 
Other shades: Addiction Lady of the Lake pencil, Estee Lauder Vintage Violet cream shadow, Chanel Ebloui Illusion D'Ombre, and finally Solone Smoody Gel Liner Red Wine.
Addiction Arabian Nights Kohl Eyeliner swatch Lady of the Lake Pencil Estee Lauder Vintage Violet Chanel Ebloui Solone Smoody Gel Liner Red Wine

Looks with Arabian Nights
One Thousand Three And One of them! (That's four for anyone who went cross-eyed there.)
Throughout: Fasio Ultra Curl Lock Volume mascara, Browlash EX Pencil in Natural Brown through brows, Burberry Sheer Concealer 01 under eyes, Becca Compact Concealer Meringue on blemishes.

1. Super Natural 
Black side of kohl on a pencil brush (Hakuhodo 5515) softly smudged along upper lashline and the inner and outer corners of the lower lashline. Rouge Bunny Rouge Alabaster Starling as a centre-of-lower-lashline highlight.

Even MOAR highlighting, with Rouge Bunny Rouge Sea of Clouds and Shiseido High Beam White. Subtlest touch of RBR Delicata blush on edge of cheekbones. Addiction Day Trip sheer lipstick, built up.
this is me realising my 'glowy' may read as 'too much' / 'visible from space' / 'I'm bliiiiiiind' to most 

2. Brainless Smokey
Black side only, to line upper and lower lashlines (Suqqu S) as well as waterlines (Chikuhodo 6-1), smudged out with Addiction Concrete Jungle for a one-minute smokey eye.

Armani Maestro Foundation 2, with Addiction Faithful on lips and RBR Gracilis on cheeks.

3. Tonal Copper
The burgundy side on a Hakuhodo 5515 brush to line upper lashline paired with the peach and bronze shades from Suqqu Kakitsubata. Black side with Chikhodo 6-1 to line waterline and lower lashline, smudged out with the rest of the burgundy left on my 5515.

Rouge Bunny Rouge liquid bronzer all over to make the coppery shades harmonise better with my skin, Shiseido High Beam White to highlight centre of face. A sheer (one swipe) application of Addiction Day Trip lipstick (cf. Look 1 above), with more of my naturally pink lips showing through.
another one of those days I spend too long on makeup/pictures and have to run out with wet hair 

4. Both sides! with bells on. 
Burgundy worn as eyeshadow on Shu Natural 10, heaviest in outer V and blended inwards to meet Addiction Flashback on lid and in socket. Black side on Chikuhodo 6-1 to line upper lashline and waterline, with burgundy on Shu 6OB lining the lower lashline to the inner corner.

I said bells, okay? Addiction Blue Moon patted onto centre of lid and inner corner to play up the plum aspect of the burgundy kohl.

I rolled with the cool tones, with Addiction Amazing Cheek Stick on cheeks and Psychadelic gloss sheerly on lips, and Shu Uemura Nobara 584 for base.

Addiction Kohl Eyeliners are made in Japan and retail for ¥2625 each.
For even more info, hop over to Rouge Deluxe for a review/swatches of Night Dive and Secret Nights and to Makeup and Things for a picture of all four kohls together.


  1. Wow Kate! How could you be so gorgeous!!
    The eye shadow and liner look amazingly pigmented, btw!

  2. I am still waiting for my kohl to arrive! Now I want it even more *sigh*. I really like the idea of a powder khol. Aren't those Addiction lipsticks amazing? Of course I got the reds first, haha. Love your new (?) hair colour Kate. Brainless Smokey is my favourite look, especially with Faithful on your lips / Claire

  3. Oh my Heavens....the last look is so perfect.
    Picking up a bit of your hair color in your eye make up works like a charm!
    No more running out with wet hair though! Winter is on its way!!

  4. These are so gorgeous! And that last look is....perfect!

  5. Oh, girlfriend, favorite ever of ever of ever. -charmy

  6. Pretty! You wear plums so well.

  7. Strange thing is that I'm seeing a no entry sign on the first three & the fifth pics ( swatches ) of your post. Is it just me?

    1. sadly me too

    2. thanks for letting me know, guys. Should be fixed now

  8. really beautiful colours, last look is killer

  9. All the loveliness! I am especially loving the "Tonal Copper."
    Three questions:
    So, is this kohl powder like a denser version of e/s?
    Also, does Faithful have a gold undertone happening? It's soooo purty.
    Lastly, I keep forgetting to ask you how you apply your RBR liquid highlighters- brush, finger, wombat?

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  11. Oh my God, I love every look and every swatch. ;____;

  12. Loving those powder kohls, but what really jumped out and smacked me in the head was Pumpkin Fire! I STILL haven't ordered any Fyrinnae - do you have favorites?

  13. Everytime I look at your beautiful pictures and helpful swatches I am so envious of your fab skin and joyous mix of colours. It inspires me to be that little bit more adventurous until I remember that I am lazy, so I continue to admire I just need to gird up my loins a little!

  14. Beautiful. Just stumbled upon your blog. I will follow. Seems like we have the same taste in make up and similar features/coloring. - Laura (hapagurl8 on YT)